Here at Pregio Homes, we take pride in every single project that we take on. Each custom home that we build has its own set of unique characteristics, style choices, and features that have been chosen by our customers, and made into reality by our team of professional designers, architects, and tradesmen. We have experience building all types of homes, including luxurious, modern homes on the sides of mountains, as well as traditional houses in the neighborhoods of Colorado Springs. Our homes are as unique as our clients, and we love being able to bring visions to life.

Our homes are crafted with the highest qualities of materials and are built to last. We never cut corners when it comes to our custom homes. We use high grade supplies, tools, and materials to piece together your home, starting from the concrete that we use to pour your foundation to the countertops that rest in your kitchen. That’s the value in custom homes: knowing that everything is built with care under the supervision of one, trustworthy company.

When you choose to build a custom home, you are choosing a home that lasts.



We take pride in our past projects. We have created a gallery with detailed images for some of our best works. Here, you’ll find detailed photos of both the exterior and the interior of these custom homes, all of which are in a variety of locations all across Colorado. Each home has its unique style, ranging from urban, sleek and modern, to classic, rustic and traditional. These photos are examples of what we can bring to life for you and your custom house. If you see things you like, we would be happy to incorporate them into your new house.


Features and Finishes

When you choose Pregio Homes, you get to choose everything that goes into your home. We have a number of additional features and finishes that can be incorporated into any floor plan or custom design, including things like heated driveways, butler’s pantries, upgraded fireplaces, and more. Take a look at some of these options that you can incorporate into your custom home, your remodeling project, or even your home addition, and we will work together to see it happen. As always, we work closely with our clients and try to give them as much as we can that will fit within their budget. When you build a custom home, make sure it has everything that you have always wanted.


Building Custom Homes in Colorado

We love being home builders in this beautiful state we call home. There are so many things to love about Colorado, including the breathtaking views, the mountainous surroundings, the connected community. However, we have to take all of these things into consideration when we start building a custom home from scratch. Whether a custom home is being built in Buena Vista or Black Forest, there are always steps we have to take to begin our building process. Learn about how we build dream homes in the vast state of Colorado.