There are many unknowns when it comes to building your first custom home. That’s why we want to make sure that this process is as transparent as possible. With questions about the custom home building process, features and finishes, plots of land, and more, we have prepared a thorough list of the common questions that you might be asking as you prepare to take this journey. Please use this guide as a resource, and never hesitate to give us a call to talk more in depth!



Building Materials, Finishes, Styles

Energy Efficient Custom Homes


Before Building

During the Construction Process

Financing, Loans, and Other Costs

About Pregio Homes


Building Materials, Finishes, Styles


  • What are your standard finishes?

We do not have any set, “standard” finishes. We treat each custom home as if it were a blank canvas, and turn it into the vision that our clients have always dreamt of. Each home that we build is 100% finished with the highest quality materials that are on the market. This means that everything from your kitchen countertops to the wooden beams in your walls are built with high quality materials that are made to last. If you are unsure what types of finishes that you want in your home, we do have a list of recommendations. Contact us to talk more about what features we include in custom homes, or check out our Features and Finishes page to learn more about the custom additions that we can include.

  • What kinds of architectural styles do you build?

From traditional and rustic to contemporary and modern, Pregio Homes is proud to offer limitless styling options to make your home a truly custom expression of your personal styles. We offer a large variety of custom home styles, including:

Barndominium Craftsman Ranch
Bungalow Farmhouse Southwestern
Cape Cod Hill Country Spanish
Colonial Industrial Tuscan
Colorado Mountain Mediterranean Victorian
Contemporary Modern

Learn more about the architectural styles that we build here.

  • How do I choose an architectural style for my custom home?

Part of the beauty of building a home in America is that we have drawn from various styles across the globe, and throughout time, to follow when building homes.  You have the freedom to make your home fit in or stand out.  You can choose a style and follow it precisely, or pick from several styles and blend them throughout the home.

Energy Efficient Custom Homes


  • How much do solar power systems cost?

This depends on how many square feet of space you have to work with on your roof, in addition to how many panels you install.  A small system can cost as little as $10,000 and larger, more sophisticated systems can go far above $40,000.

  • Do you offer any features or finishes that would make my custom house more energy efficient?

The beauty of a custom home is getting to choose what elements you want. We offer a number of “green” home building features and finishes, ranging from solar panels to smart appliances. We can build your home with energy efficiency in mind and guide you to make the best green decisions when it comes to building materials, roofing materials, lighting, appliances, custom additions, and more.



  • Will you build on our lot or home-site?

Absolutely! If you have a piece of property that you want to build on, we can accommodate your dream location. We are experts at building custom homes in Colorado. Before every custom home build, we perform a lot assessment that can determine the land’s suitability to build your home. We also offer addition services for your pre-existing home. Click here to read more about the Additions that we perform.

  • I’ve made the decision to build a custom home. Do I need to buy land first or contact a builder first?

With Pregio Homes, the decision is up to you! We can help you every step of the way—we can get you in contact with realtors who are familiar with land, perform a no-cost lot assessment when you’ve found a good piece of property, and finally, build the home. If you have already purchased a piece of property, we would be more than happy to come take a look at it and get it ready for a custom home.

  • What does a lot assessment include?

The purpose of a lot assessment is to evaluate the potential capabilities and challenges for a piece of property in regards to building a home. We offer lot assessment services to both our clients who are ready to build a custom home and to non-customers who need an expert opinion on their lot. During a lot assessment, we can perform soil testing, topography evaluation, utility access and many other reviews and assessments that are unique to each piece of land. To learn more about our lot assessment services, click here

  • I want to buy a piece of property to build a custom home on. Can you put me in touch with a realtor?

Absolutely! In fact, we highly recommend working with a realtor who is familiar with purchasing land for home building. That way, your realtor will know all the right questions to ask. Over the years that we’ve been in business, we have built relationships with some of the finest realtors in the Colorado Springs area, as well as realtors that serve the Pikes Peak Region. Visit our Realty Resources page, or contact us to learn more!

  • I want to build a custom home in the mountains. What do I need to be aware of?

We live in an awe-inspiring state with beautiful mountainous terrain that we call home. If you are thinking about buying a piece of mountain property, there are a lot of things that you need to consider that would not normally be an issue when purchasing a pre-built home. When viewing properties, think about the logistics: Are there adequate access roads for equipment to reach the site? What will this be like in the winter? Do I have to excavate a lot of land to make room for a house? Do I have to drill a well? Read our latest article on buying land for custom homes to learn more about what to do.

Before Building


  • Would you build a home from an existing floor plan that I have?

Yes! If you have a floor plan designed from a previous architect or home builder, we would be happy to build it for you. We would have to verify that it met all of the standard, legal requirements and that it would be a structurally sound home for you and your family. If you have a plan that you like certain aspects of, we can often weave those elements into a plan that is uniquely yours.

  • What is a Limited Service Agreement?

The Limited Services Agreement is a legal document that we put together at the beginning of the construction phase of your custom home. This agreement allows us to work on your behalf to develop the information needed to produce a contract to build. Some of these items include: Architectural Design Structural Engineering Soils Testing Specifications Budgeting Preliminary Schedule You can learn more about our process here.

  • Am I able to add on things like a custom garage or a guest house?

Absolutely! The primary benefit of working with a custom home builder is that you have the freedom of changing or adding anything you want. Your house can include almost anything, whether it is a pool area, or a guest house, a mother-in-law suite or a BBQ pit. Check out our list of custom features and finishes to learn more about what we can do.

During the Construction Process


  • How long does it normally take to design and build a home?

This depends on many variables throughout the building process.  Depending on the size and type of home you are building, it can take as little as three months or upwards of 16 months.  Factors such as complexity of the design and the weather also contribute to the timeline of the project.  We work with a variety of quality subcontractors and a proven system of scheduling that provides an efficient and cost effective method of running the project and we update this schedule frequently, so you have the same information we have.

  • During construction, how often should I expect updates from you?

We like to maintain a “high touch” relationship with our clients . In our experience weekly meetings seem to be the sweet spot of communicating back and forth but for some phases of construction you may want to meet more or less frequently.

  • At what stage of the building process do I need to have decisions made about cabinets, paint colors, flooring, lighting, etc.?

We have a system that has worked to provide us enough information to keep the construction schedule on target while allowing you flexibility to make the right choice for finishes of your home.  We will lay all of this out as part of our construction schedule before we start the construction of your home.

Financing a Custom Home


  • What standard deposits/fees will I be charged?

There are certain costs in developing your building package such as design, engineering, budgeting, specifications, etc. that we collect for during the Limited Scope Agreement phase of a project. This LSA provides us with the permissions and budget to perform due diligence on your behalf for your home. We will be happy to tailor a Limited Scope Agreement for your home once we identify the land you will build on. For the physical construction of your home each client establishes their own construction loan. We work closely with your lender to provide all information required for a timely processing of your loan and periodic draws. We have a great network of lenders to refer you to when you are ready to start that process.

  • I need to put a well and septic system on my land before I build. How much will this cost?

For a well and septic system we will usually budget $20,000 to $35,000. Although that sounds like a lot (and it is) city provided water and sewer tap fees are not much different at around $20,000+. Special circumstances, such as soil composition, site access, which aquifer, what depth they are drilled to, etc. or ground water can add to the complexity and cost for your system but in most cases this is a reasonable budget range.

  • How do I get financing to build a custom home?

We have a fantastic network of lenders to refer you to or you can consult your bank or lending institution for more guidance. We typically have clients that get pre-approved to verify that we are all on the same page of expectations. Usually a client will get a construction loan that will then become their mortgage.  Each lender is different and each have their own loan plans so you should make sure you communicate with them to – once again- make sure your expectations are aligned.

  • How does a construction loan work?

A construction loan allows a new home to be built throughout the construction process.  With a construction loan, the lender pays the builder at predetermined intervals for the work completed. Typically, before the lender releases any funds they will inspect the home to make sure that they are paying only for work completed or required deposits for materials. Many times a construction loan will “roll” right in to become a mortgage loan with no or minimal paperwork.  Consult your lender or ask us for a referral to get their specific program information.

  • Do I need home owner’s insurance when building a home?

During the building of your home Pregio Homes is required to have at least two types of insurance to cover our work and materials. In simple terms, one is a builder’s risk policy that is specific to your home, timeline and costs. The other is a general liability policy which is a larger overarching policy that covers the business and general losses or damage. In general, neither of these policies covers you, your visitors, your land or personal belongings.  We highly recommend that you consult with your insurance provider and legal counsel for their review.

About Pregio Homes


  • Where do you build in Colorado?

While we are a custom home builder in Colorado Springs, we also build homes in Monument, Black Forest, the Pikes Peak region including Woodland Park, Divide, Florissant, Cripple Creek, and everywhere in between those beautiful mountain towns. In addition to the Colorado Springs area, we build in Denver, Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Parker and Larkspur. We’ve also built in the mountain towns of Durango, Vail, Blue River, Breckenridge, Buena Vista, Salida and Aspen to name a few.

  • What is the difference between a custom home builder and a production home builder?

When you are making the decision to build a home, your decision sits between hiring a custom home builder or purchasing a home from a production builder. There are a few key differences between these two kinds of builders:

Custom Home Builder Builds homes on property that you own or that you acquire.   May have plans of their own but also designs floor plans from scratch   Allows you to customize the design plans, styles, and fixtures   Works with your budget   A much more personal relationship with the clients and home building process Production Builder Sells the home and land as a package   Has set floor plans that you can choose from   Has a limited selection of styles and features to choose from   Usually only build within a “production” neighborhood   You are one of many clients


  • Do you have floorplans that I can look at?

Absolutely! While we specialize in designing custom floor plans, we have a few favorite designs that our customers love. We offer these select floor plans for custom homes. If you like these, we can build it exactly as it appears, or we can make any adjustments that you need—that’s the beauty of working with a custom builder. Take a look at our floor plans here.

  • What kind of warranty do you offer?

Most builders will tell you they offer a 1 year warranty and a 10 year statutory catastrophic damage warranty. We do that but our warranty is also a process that hopefully eliminates the need for you to call us for a warranty item. Step one is that we are on site more and pay more attention to the details as we build your home. We also see you on site often where we review progress and quality with you which gives us the opportunity to take care of items as they arise.  Once we are finished building your home, step two is that we do a thorough orientation to familiarize you with the home and help you to distinguish the difference between maintenance and warranty items. While we are doing this we also identify any items that are not up to standards so we can get them resolved before you move in. After you move in, we proactively schedule reviews with you for 6 months and 1 year later so we can stay in front of any potential issues. Beyond that, we will always take time to review anything that doesn’t meet your expectations and find a way to get them resolved.

  • Where can I find reviews or additional information about Pregio Homes?

If you are looking to learn more about Pregio Homes, you can connect with us on a variety of platforms. Check out or Facebook page and Yelp profile to read reviews and learn more about our services. You can also look at our Houzz profile to see all of the past projects that we have completed. You can also verify our A+ BBB rating for Southern Colorado, as well as look at our Housing and Building Administration contractor’s page. If you still have questions and want to learn more about Pregio’s custom homes, please contact us!