The Psychology Behind Paint Color

Perhaps one of the more difficult decisions to make on your custom home is the color of the walls. Exploring new ways to express yourself through the colors on your wall can be an exciting, yet overwhelming task. Here are some of the subjective perceptions tied to common wall colors.


White, the more traditional wall color, depicts purity, cleanliness and neutrality. The tried and true color can be a staple throughout various rooms and hallways in your home. The timeless image of a white picket fence surrounding a safe and happy home could just be the perfect tone you are looking to set for all passerby’s and visitors.


Another classic, grey can be a sleek and refined color choice to depict intellect, knowledge and wisdom. While acting as a perfect neutral between black and white, grey is controlled and subtle. It is a commonly used background color for these reasons and could be a great addition to any room in your home. For the last few years, Grey has been trending as the new black.


Earthy browns can create a natural and organic touch in your home. A more approachable color, the different shades you can employ are endless. Ranging from a softer beige to a darker more vibrant brown you have options to create the wholesome look you crave with a color that points to reliability and stability.


Red is a color that excites. Red promotes energy; the amount of the color that is present is directly related to just how much energy is perceived. Because this color draws attention, using the appropriate amount of red can bring immediate focus and attention to a particular wall or element in your home. Another unique characteristic of red is its ability to encourage appetite. Consider using your favorite variation of red as an accent for the dining room.


A youthful, fun and exciting color sharing the high energy red exerts, pink can take on a sensual and passionate tone without being too aggressive. Balancing red with white can yield a softer pink that creates association of happiness and lightheartedness. In some shades, pink can also recall the more carefree days of childhood and innocence.


Overwhelmingly the “favorite color,” blue demonstrates trust, dependability, and commitment. Due to its presence in the sky and oceans, blue is perceived as a constant in our lives. While not all blues are serene, some variations can cause the body to produce chemicals in the brain that are calming and encourage rest. Other variations, however, can be lively and dramatic such as an electric or brilliant blue and invoke a sense of exhilaration. On the flip side, other blues on the spectrum can demonstrate a cold or uncaring feeling. One unique room to consider adding a splash of blue to could be an office space as it can also boost productive tendencies.


Enlighten, optimism, happiness; these are wonderful associations of the color yellow. Yellow can spark creative thoughts, promote the promise of a positive future, inspire optimism and energy, and will stand out among surrounding colors. Yellow is a great color to try for rooms like the kitchen, where it can increase metabolism and brighten the room while giving you energy.


Green, a color that occupies more space in the spectrum visible to the human eye, is one of the most common colors in the natural world. Because we are so accustomed to seeing it everywhere, it is an ideal color to use as a backdrop in interior design. The greens we find in their natural setting, from forest to lime, have a natural balance of cool and warm undertones. However, there is a side of green that can be perceived as “institutional”, “slimy” or that of a green associated with illness. It is important to avoid such greens as they can conjure up negative emotions. When used effectively, green gives off a sense of tranquility, health and refreshment and can be a great addition to living spaces such as bedrooms. The beauty of wall colors is that they are an easily changed. Do not be afraid to try something new and bold, or to even stay on the safer side with softer shades of your favorite colors and tones. Allow your own personality to flow through your home in a variety of colors ranging from energetic and eccentric, to earthy and calming.