Lot Assessment Services

At Pregio Homes, we know that the perfect house begins in the perfect place—which is why we offer lot assessment services for your property to take that first step in creating your dream home.

Before we begin designing your custom-built home with you, we can schedule a lot assessment walk-through to give you our thoughts on the positive aspects and the challenges of a lot—this is a service that we will do for both a piece of land that you already own, or one that you are considering purchasing. This lot assessment will prepare us, as builders, to give us insights on both the constraints and potentials of your land, and how we can create a home that fits not only you, but the space you want to start your life on.

When assessing your land, we will thoroughly look at many aspects of the land, to ensure that your quality, personalized home gets built on your quality land. These include, but are not limited to, the following:


Soils Testing

We can provide many types of soils testing and analysis through one of our qualified and licensed engineering partners, to make sure that your house will be structurally sound on the ground that it is built upon.


Topography Evaluation

The “lay of the land” is as important as any other aspect of building your new home. By reviewing the site and analyzing the best location for your home we can help to maximize the features and views while minimizing costs of excavation and grading. We can, through our licensed survey partners, provide the accurate information needed to site your home precisely on your land. This service will also to locate challenges of the land, pinpoint the driveway and help in determining any retaining walls or special drainage considerations needed.


Square Footage Potential

We will be able to assess how much space is available on your lot so that when we go to design your home with you, we will know how much square footage is available and where to best place it. Through this process, we will also look for areas to put in the extra things that you may want: garage, guest house, pool, patio, courtyard, greenhouse, etc.


Utility Access and Providers

It is vital to identify the utility providers for your lot and where they will provide service for your gas, electric, water and waste systems. In some cases you may have septic and well services along with different suppliers of your other utilities.


Neighborhood Requirements

Many neighborhoods and HOA’s have specific requirements that we can review to ensure that the design and building process is in agreement with the requirements and surrounding homes.