In Italian, Pregio means Value and Quality. At Pregio Homes, you can have both while we help build the house of your dreams. Choosing a custom-built home means that you are the illustrator and we provide the canvas, using the beautiful and vast landscape of Colorado as your background. As knowledgeable, seasoned home builders, we offer a variety of services for you, in order to make your home building process as seamless as possible.


Custom Homes

Partnering with some of the most talented architects, engineers and designers in the country we can provide custom home design / build services from the ground up, ensuring that you end up with a home that is one-of-a-kind and especially catered to you and your family’s needs. When we custom build your home, there are two routes that we can go:

  • Start-from-scratch, bottom-up floor plan creation, in which we work together with you and an architect to build you the perfect home that is unique to your needs. We can create that perfect living room space, built on an open floor plan, with a double sided fireplace and a wet bar to the side. We can create your dream kitchen, filled with a farm sink, a breakfast nook, and a bar top, with large glass windows overlooking your beautiful mountain view.
  • A pre-existing floor plan design that speaks to you. The value of custom home building means that we can take a solid design, and adjust it perfectly to you. Want to move walls around? Redesign a kitchen? Add a bedroom? No problem. See our existing floor plans here.
  • With either choice, we will be there to walk you through every step of the way, creating a home you would have only ever dreamed of…Until now.



With our expertise as home builders in Colorado, we can also apply our customization to your existing home, offering you the same, dedicated and customized service to make your home, in the place that you love, even more perfect. We are able to leverage our relationships and values with the same talented professionals we employ on new homes for your remodel. No matter how complex, we have the experience to provide a quality project, whether it be a remodel of your kitchen, bedrooms, basements, and so much more.



We also offer addition building services, in which we work with your home to create a unique, customized room to be added onto your house. We use our same, dedicated service to build you your dream home—one room at a time. Whether you are wanting to add on a sunroom, an outdoor space, a guest house, or even a second story, we will work with you every step of the way to make your home perfect.


Lot Assessment Services

One of the most valuable services that we offer to you, is to build your dream house on your perfect piece of property. If you already own a piece of land, we can provide preliminary lot assessment services to give you our thoughts on the positive aspects and the challenges of a lot before you buy or provide those same services for a lot you already own. This is the unique value that we add: suiting your home to every aspect of your needs, especially your property.


Realtor Resources

You deserve the chance to choose where you live, whether you’re looking for a mountain side cabin, or a modern, suburban ranch style home in the perfect school district. If you do not have a lot for your home, we offer realtor resources, where we can connect you with the most reputable realtors to assist you in finding the perfect place to build the perfect home, one that is catered to your wants and needs. We want to help you create the perfect home, and by helping you find the perfect piece of property, we are already accomplishing part of that goal.