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Custom Home Builder  in Colorado Springs dedicated to offering

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Custom Home Construction, Floor Plan Design, Lot Assessment Services and Realty Services

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Across Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak Region and Colorado’s Front Range including Breckenridge, Buena Vista, Salida and more

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Custom Home Builders Colorado Springs

As custom home builders, we decided to name our company after the principles that we stand by: Value and Quality. The Italian word Pregio means exactly that. When it comes to building customized homes, we do so with the upmost care and service, providing you and your family with a home that is built to last and designed specifically to you. When you work with Pregio Homes, you can guarantee that these two values will be instilled within everything we do—our workers, our materials, our service, and finally, your home.

Custom Homes

What does your dream house look like? Is it a romantic cabin in Woodland Park with a wrap-around deck and log walls? Is it a ranch style house in Black Forest with plenty of rooms for a growing family? Is it a modern, two story house built in your favorite neighborhood in Colorado Springs? When you choose to build a custom home, all of these possibilities suddenly come to life. At Pregio Homes, we work with some of the best architects, engineers and designers so that your dream home becomes a reality. You get to decide everything—how many bedrooms, how many cabinets, how many different types of flooring—and we do all the work, ensuring that you have a custom home that is built to last.

Other Services


If you’re looking to expand your home, Pregio Homes can work with you to create the custom vision that you have. Whether it is a guest house or a sunroom, Pregio applies the same value and quality to your home addition. We offer a variety of custom additions, including

  • Guest Houses
  • Garages
  • Sunrooms
  • Room Additions
  • Other Custom Projects


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Lot Assessment Services

We believe that the perfect house begins in the perfect place—which is why we offer lot assessment services for your property to take that first step in creating your dream home. If you are considering purchasing a piece of property, we can send our professional service members to examine the property and inform you on the positive elements or the challenges that you might face. We also provide this service to pieces of property that you already own. When assessing your lot, we look for:

  • Soils Testing
  • Topography Evaluation
  • Square Footage Potential
  • Utility Access and Providers
  • Neighborhood Requirements

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Realty Services

If you are in the market for a piece of property to build a custom home on, we are here to help. Working in the Colorado Springs area for a number of years, we have become very familiar with many experts in the realty field and have developed trustworthy relationships. This being said, we want to extend these relationships to you, and give you referrals for some of the best realtors in the Colorado Springs area and beyond.

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