Building Custom Homes in Colorado

Being a custom home builder in Colorado means adapting to a wide variety of different landscapes. Although we build each home with care and consideration, mountain sites and neighborhoods each present unique opportunities. From the mountain tops to the local neighborhoods in Colorado Springs, our custom homes adapt to the area around it. We do our best to build your dream home in the area that you want it, and being an experienced home builder, we know that each piece of property is distinctive and that being able to take advantage of the positives and minimizing the challenges of each site is critical.

Colorado Mountain Homes

When we build a custom mountain home in any of Colorado’s beautiful locations we have to take into consideration the environmental factors that surround the breathtaking views. Most often, your property will have any number of hills, valleys, trees, boulders, and other terrain factors to consider. All of these make for a beautiful backyard, so we do our best to preserve the natural environment that will be your oasis. Keeping this in mind, our process building custom homes starts with a review of your property and identifying both the advantages as well as the challenges then we work closely with the architect to design a plan that takes these things into consideration. That’s one of the advantages of building a custom home in the mountains: you get to design every aspect (including flooring), then then sit back and appreciate the beauty of Colorado. Whether you want to build your custom home in the Pikes Peak region, Durango, Vail, Blue River, Breckenridge, Buena Vista, Aspen, Woodland Park, Divide or anywhere else, we are here to build your dream.


Neighborhood Homes

Custom homes are not just for property. We can also build in all of the local Colorado Springs neighborhood locations. This means that we build custom homes in established residential and neighborhood areas, which has its own unique set of standards and adaptations. When working on city and suburban lots, we build your home according to the neighborhood HOA guidelines, whether those regulations require a certain height limitation, a minimum amount of square footage, or specific architectural requirements. Luckily for you, we are very knowledgeable when it comes to the home requirements of cities like Colorado Springs, Monument, Denver, Castle Rock, Castle Pines, and more. We fit the requirements, then let you get the custom home that you’ve always wanted. As a custom home builder, we work on your house from start to finish, including the landscaping afterwards. We can complete any yard requirements or style choices made by you to give you everything you want, while fitting perfectly in the city.

Homes on Property

There are a great number of beautiful pieces of property in the Colorado region. From the outskirts of Colorado Springs into Black Forest or Falcon, along I-25 in Monument or Larkspur, building a custom home on a piece of property is a dream for some people. Building a custom house on property has its own set of unique attributes that we pay attention to. We like to inspect each property and assess the property in terms of terrain, if we need to flatten out the land, how the electrical and plumbing will work, the best location for a driveway, any neighborhood requirements, and more. Once we assess your dream property, we can start building your dream home, because you deserve to live where you want to. To learn more about our Lot Assessment Services, click here.


Don’t know where you want to build your house yet? We work with some of Colorado Spring’s best realtors to help you find the lot that you want to build your custom home on.


Contact Us

If you have questions, contact us at 719-475-7997 office, 719-243-1905 (mobile) or email me personally at We consider it a privilege to be given the opportunity to be the builder of your new custom home.